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It's crucial for a business success to get online reviews: while the bad business reviews and the negative customer feedback tell you what you need to improve and what works wrong on your business the positive online reviews and the web testimonials give you a good reputation that will bring you more customers...

We can help you with some of our proven strategies to get online reviews and create, maintain and defend your reputation online.

Manage online reviews:

How does you business rank on the online review websites?

The best situation is to have a good reputation (positive customer reviews & positive ratings) on the review websites:
- you don't need to worry about the negative customer reviews
- you constantly get positive reviews
- your business and services usually get 5 stars reviews
- people trust you and they give you positive online reviews

You only have to make sure you get positive ratings on every review website and all the favorable reviews will bring you more customers. The good business testimonials, all the five star reviews, the favorable ratings and service evaluations will strengthen your business reputation and make you known by more people that searching for what you are offering.

The not so good situation is when you have no presence on the review websites:
- almost 100 million people search for good services each month (a small part are searching for what you are offering)
- you don't get any of these prospective customers just because you are not well represented on the review websites
- the good comments for company, the service reviews and the positive ratings have a huge potential; don't ignore that!

If you find yourself / your business or services on this category you really need to get ratings on these huge traffic websites. You really need to get company reviews, service and product reviews; no need to worry about business criticisms because this way you will know what to improve and what people think about your products or services and with proper online review management you will get more good reviews and positive ratings that will bring you more customers...

The worst situation is when you have negative online reviews:
- you have negative product reviews, negative service reviews or negative customer feedback and you don't know a proper way to fix the web reviews.
- unfair competition probably have written mean reviews as they where your customers; an they use slanderous comments do trash your online reputation.
- a fired employee that seeks revenge has given you mean feedback, slanderous remarks and offensive comments to hurt your good name.

In this case you really need to improve ratings, improve your reviews and not only fix the negative reviews but you really need to get good reviews. Nowadays the business reputation has the power to make or break a company.

Don't sit back and relax while you business is crushed by unfair fake negative reviews posted by your competition, don't let the bad online reviews, mean ratings and bad critiques destroy your good name.

When you get online reviews not all of them will be positive and not all of them will be a five star review but with the proper handle of the negative feedback and of the bad company reviews or mean comments the damage will be insignificant.

Remove negative reviews:

Removing the bad reviews is impractical and hard to achieve; you will have to identify the person who posted the review, then you have no assurance that the individual will want to reconsider the unfair review written at anger, than you can try to force him to remove if you prove that is unfair, that mean lawyers, lost time plus lost money and usually even you have a chance in court but you are going to lose in the more influential court of public opinion.

If you got mean feedback, slander comments, defamatory remarks and bad reviews (unethical competition, slander, hateful etc..) doesn't mean you have to stick with them forever; the review websites don't need to work against you... you can use them to work in your favor...

We will provide you solutions and strategies to repair the web reviews, fix the ratings you have on the internet and get good reviews from your customers. We can help you fix your company reviews, manage the reviews and get positive reviews and more feedback from your clients.

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A good reputation builds confidence and grows sales - which ultimately leads to better money and higher profits!

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